Video Management for Remote Meetings

Record, transcribe, timestamp, edit and share calls for smarter remote meetings.
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Tavlee Meetings
Stop typing. Start recording.
Tavlee helps teams learn from past meetings. Recordings become valuable resources when clipped, timestamped, and organized into a library. Access rich insights, learning, and decisions -- without losing valuable context.
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One Place for Your Video Meetings

With Tavlee, you can easily find all your notes, recordings, and transcriptions in one place. No more searching for files buried in different apps and no more lost email attachments. With a powerful search, instantly pull up specific moments of any meeting.


Transcribe, Highlight & Share Clips

Highlight important moments as they happen, so that you can easily find them later. Never re-watch a whole recording again --  just to find a single highlight. Easily share short clips and let your team jump to moments that matter.


Capture and share rich insights

Picture this: you’re in a call with a user when they screen-share a bug. Next, they perfectly explain a feature they’d love to see developed. Tavlee lets you capture great moments like this with a single click. Lengthy meetings become bite-size nuggets of rich information.

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